Preventative Health Institute

We are on a mission to change the world by putting people on their path to health, wellness, and balance! We believe the only way to accomplish that is to empower as many people as possible to take control of their own health, moving away from the standard, disease-based healthcare systems and towards a wellness-focused, Preventative Approach to health.

We understand that it can be overwhelming to consider a new career path and we know there are many choices in the Health/Wellness/Coach Training & Certification arena and we are happy to talk with you one on one to answer questions and help you decide if we are a good fit!

Start Your Journey to Becoming a Healthy, Abundant Wellness Entrepreneur Today!

In today’s climate, having control over your health choices and income are keys to being happy, healthy and wealthy.

The Preventative Health Practitioner program provides all the tools needed to create significant, positive change in your life- both personally and professionally! We will teach you our foundational principles for building wellness and provide a roadmap that guides you through the process implementing those principles into your own life. Then we will deep dive into our four legs of health -diet, lifestyle, mindset, and movement, teaching you how we have used principles of both Functional Medicine and Environmental Health along with years of clinical experience and outcomes to develop our systems so that you will understand how you can help anyone take back control of their own health and wellness!

Are You Ready to Take Control & Turn Your Passion for Wellness Into a Career Helping Others?

We are on a mission to change the world by putting people on their path to health, wellness, and balance- we would love for you to join our tribe and help us on our mission!

Certification with Ongoing Support & Training

Our programming, resources, and private community are online, but you are welcome to attend in-person, open classes – even after you’ve complete your training and passed the Certification Exam! 

Online Programming

You can start learning the minute you sign-up, our varied resources and programming mean you can study from anywhere- for 20 minutes during  a break or for a full day from your home office. You and your clients will always have access our resources and materials, plus we update and add to this programming regularly! 

45+ Years of Combined Experience

The Team behind the Preventative Health Institute has over 45 years of combined experience in the areas of Functional Medicine, Environmental Health, Client Engagement,  Business Development, and Technology.


Preventative Health Practitioner Training

Take Control of Your Health, Wellness, & Career!

Does the increasingly unhealthy state of our world concern you? Do you feel that you should be doing something positive and impactful with your life? Have you tried other health coaching programs and felt let down by the content? Can you see yourself leaping into a new career that allows you to live your passion without mandates and restrictions?

Learn how we have used the Take Your Health Back Now Program alongside Dr. Duquette’s Functional Medicine Protocols to help 1000’s heal and THRIVE and how you can do the same! We are offering 1 on 1 discovery sessions to answer any questions you might have and find out if becoming a Preventative Health Practitioner is a good fit for you.

Optimize Your Own Health & Wellness

Take back control of your health and elevate your wellness with Phase 1 of the PHP training- the full 90 day Body Burden Bootcamp Program.
We feel the best way to understand what you will be learning and have a solid foundation to take it out into the world is to go through it yourself!

Empower others to Take Their Health Back Now!

When you understand the root causes of today’s chronic issues and the choices you can make to prevent them, you will never have to give up control of your healthcare choices based on fear or uncertainty. A Preventative Health Practitioner Empowers their client’s with this knowledge!

Create a Thriving Business Faster!

By the time you have completed this training program, you will have everything you need to build your own successful, virtual, health and wellness company! In order to extend our reach even further, we are building our tribe of Preventative Health Practitioners and giving each and every one the processes and resources we’ve successfully used ourselves!

Fill a Growing Need

Studies show that Chronic Illness currently causes 36 million deaths per year and related care will incur costs of around $47 trillion by 2030. Most people do not know that lifestyle, diet, and environmental choices make up 95% of the root causes of these diseases. Our future depends on Preventative Healthcare and becoming a Preventative Health Practitioner will put you in a position to make real, positive impacts on people’s lives!


Why Preventative Health Institute?


A Proven System Based on Clinical Outcomes

 We teach you the foundational principles we have successfully used with our own clients and offer guidance, support and consults with our doctor when requested.


Client Resources and Programming in Place

There is no need to build your business from scratch, you and your clients will have access to all of the same resources we use in our practice, including lifetime Take Your Health Back Now! Membership.


Flexible Learning Format

 With 89+ online lessons, live calls, a private virtual community, and live Certification events scheduled throughout the year, you can learn on your terms in the way that works best for you and your family.


Affordable, With Immediate Return on Investment

We regularly offer payment options and/or discounts as well as scholarship opportunities. Plus, when you follow our business structure, you will have a business ready to launch and be able to recoup your investment with just a few clients!


Freedom to Work Wherever, Whenever and With Whomever you Choose!

As a Preventative Health Practitioner, you can help anyone from anywhere. It’s up to you if you want to work full time with in person clients or part time with remote clients and whether you want to work with a specific client type or anyone who is interested in regaining control of their health and wellness!


The Preventative Health Practitioner Program

It’s YOUR Journey

Start with our foundational program to become your own personal preventative health practitioner, creating true wellness for you and your loved ones. Then, if you feel a calling to create a new career path and help others on their journey complete all 3 steps to become a Certified Preventative Health Practitioner!

Watch Preventative Health Institute Directors, Jenni Wise & Kendra Duquette, present the Cause is the Cure at the Trinity Health Freedom Expo.

This is a pivotal time, we believe that we are at a tipping point. In this first book Take Your Health Back Now! introduces you to the knowledge, tools, and support needed to regain wellness, prevent dysfunction and LIVE your best life! Our environment is becoming more and more toxic, chronic health issues are increasing at an alarming rate, people are getting sicker younger and are recovering slower. Learn how to reduce the ever-growing burden on your body and take control of your health & wellness!

NO MORE BAND-AIDS reveals a revolutionary new approach to taking control of your health – and creating a better future. Now you can finally address the root cause and reverse your symptoms.

An all-star group of doctors and health practitioners come together in this powerful journey to a better you. These world-class experts use their own experiences as doorways to bring about a new understanding of what it takes to thrive in today’s toxic world

It’s time for a NEW PARADIGM…