Turn Your Passion for Wellness Into a Fulfilling Career Transforming Lives!

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It’s YOUR Journey

We are on a mission to change the world by putting people on their path to health, wellness, and balance and we believe the only way to accomplish that is to empower as many people as possible to take control of their own health, moving away from the standard, disease-based healthcare systems and towards a wellness-focused, Preventative Approach to health. We understand that everyone’s life is different and we strive to make our programs flexible enough that anyone can achieve their goal of becoming a Certified PHP!

Step 1 - Build Your Foundational Experience & Optimize Your Own Health


Start with our foundational program and decide if Certification is the right path for you, all while optimizing the health and wellness of yourself and your family!

  • The 90 Day Body Burden Bootcamp. The Take Your Health Back Now! Foundational program, focused on healing the internal environment as well as addressing the external environment with a “whole-istic” approach.
  • Group mentorship calls and guidance from PHI Founders during your 12-week journey.
  • Supplement Recommendations & Discounts Through PRL 
  • Community Access to our online private community so that you can stay engaged, support and accountability with a likeminded community of people also on their journey to health and the ability to ask our team questions in real time.
  • The opportunity to continue your journey and become a Certified Preventative Health Practitioner!


Step 2 - PHP Training by PHI

Continue your journey with Preventative Health Practitioner Training & Certification!
Learn the “whys” behind the Take Your Health Back Now! system used in our programs.

Deep dive into the root causes of today’s chronic health conditions.

Build your own health & wellness business and so much more!

  • 3 Month Roadmap to Certification and Launch
  • HEALTH – Deep Dive into the “whys” behind our program in the Preventative Health Practitioner Online Training Portal.
  • WEALTH – Our “Health Empowerment Business in a Box” system guides you through your launch and beyond!
  • Access to a Preventative Health Practitioner Certification Event (Seats are limited, online certification is also available.)
  • Ongoing Community and Support!
  • Your Preventative Health Business ready to launch and grow!

Step 3- Become a CERTIFIED PHP

  • Custom Website Template No need to worry about how to set up a website
  • Client Membership  TYHBN Membership for each of your clients you work with so they can access the Take Your Health Back Now! Portal with all the programming and resources that you will coach them through.
  • Set Pricing No need to worry about what to charge we have set that for you.
  • ABILITY TO ADD ON TESTING Dr. Duquette is on staff available for consults and the ability to add on testing
  • Nutraceuticals Your clients will have the ability to have an account with Premier Research Labs our chosen supplement company
  • Branding Use of all of our branded tools, resources, and documents.
  • Team We are in this together you are not on your own, support and accountability to help grow your business giving the best results to your clients. Keep up to date on latest research to better help your clients.
  • Peace of Mind You can launch right away with confidence.